Kalista gameplay feedback

Ok, I checked all of the pbe forums and noone has said anything to the contrary about Kalista, so Ill say it. After seeing her in action, I can safely say that I hate her passive and how it works - It honestly makes bruisers feel powerless - because after a certain point you just cant catch her. It punishes anyone playing aggro on Kalista, gives her so much tactical prowess for free and makes her essentially immune to any champion who has a gapcloser at high level play. Honestly she cannot go to live like this, shes going to be the second coming of Yasuo hate to a level completely unparalelled. Honestly she's just not fun to play against. So I have a few questions for CertainlyT: - Why does she have such high range for a champion with as many dashes as she does? Shes more mobile than Lucian so Im not understanding why she should have more range than him. - Why does she get more backwards dash? Maybe I am missing something but it seems unecessary. - Why isnt her number of dashes gated at all? I understand that her not being able to attack move is supposed to balance it out, but it still just seems completely unfair. Given that someone proposed already to make the dash a left click only ability and give her back her attack move, why not gate the dash with mana on use of Martial Pose? or an overheat system that prevents use after a number of seconds? I realize that this complaint comes really early in her development cycle but after playing with her I had to ask.
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