Electrocute Delay + Quinn Rune Question

I just wanted to ask if it was intended that electrocute is delayed? It keeps throwing me off and gives a huge gap of time for a player to react before the proc for different outplays (heals, zhonyas, shields, etc.). On a seperate topic has anyone found a page that feels alright on Quinn other than the Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Zombie Ward, Relentless Hunter, Alacrity, Coup De Grace? Cause i feel like im still losing like 20%+ of my pre runes reforged damage. Realise that this is also after the base ad buffs that make last hitting feel great. On top of that I'm specificially refering to running full lethality runes Quinn pre change with merciless, double edged sword, and assassin for % damages, and I barely ever ran thunderlords because it was simply overkill for the job and would just run fervor / bloodlust for sustain/sustain damage because i could already assassinate. Some Example Pages I've tried to mess with: [Electrocute](https://imgur.com/jJOGwN4) - Seems like its just this same old extend the assassin playstyle keystone, works well but that delay makes for some akward situations. [Predator](https://imgur.com/zWp3GWV) - This is on way too long of a cooldown with too little damage to run this effectively when im already going to build a youmuus, while its fun it doesnt do anything productive. I mean it does open the space to run edge of night instead but you do lose out on 10% cdr and ooc ms etc for a bveil. [Press The Attack](https://imgur.com/x6p46Nu) - From what I could tell, now I could be wrong cause I didn't pay the most attention, but it doesn't proc unless you stand and auto 3 times and then combo? in which case its bleh. I dont understand the changes reasoning as why are we locking champions out from taking this keystone effectively? Why isnt it just the I auto and deal more damage thing still? [Fleet of Foot](https://imgur.com/uoPDNfr) - I used to run warlords in matchups I didnt want to have to care in, still feels nice as a keystone but garbage on the damage front as you just deal nothing without the ad/lethality/electrocute(now). [Phase Rush](https://imgur.com/nvBB1c7) - Doesnt do enough to compensate for not having damage now. Feels nice for the extra speed in a fight but unnessessary.

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