[Assassins] Katarina Feedback Thread

Hi all, this is the thread for {{champion:55}}! **Goals** * ** Tactical Play and Counterplay:** Katarina and her opponents should have the ability to make moment to moment plays against each other. While this has largely been true for Katarina, we now hope that opponents have more to do than pray someone saved an instant CC for her. * **Laning and Interaction:** We want Katarina to play more dynamically in lane, taking risks and jumping in and out of combat with her opponent. * **Mastery and Skill Expression:** While playing Kat, you should feel that there are dynamic and unique ways to use your skills and feel skillful when you pull off that crazy combo. **Reworked Play Pattern** * The Dagger Katarina throws in her Q now stays on the ground after bouncing. * Sinister Steel has been replaced by a spell that directly allows her to place a Dagger where she is (after a delay), so she can jump back to it later. * She can Shunpo to her Daggers. Walking over a dagger/Shunpoing to one will effectively fully refund Shunpo's cooldown and deal massive AoE damage around her (Pre-Rework Sinister Steel, but amped up WAY past 11 - like, nearly lethal amounts of damage). * She goes crazy and bounces all over the place killing everyone (but only if she sets herself up correctly). * Kill champs to reset the entire base pattern and do it again! **Some Extra Tidbits** * She can now Shunpo to anywhere around a unit, instead of always behind it. This is controlled by the player's mouse offset relative to the target.** Really looking for feedback on this, but expect it to take a while to learn!** * Use this to your advantage to position better around enemies, or daggers! The AoE damage from the dagger is based on where you are when you pick it up, not the dagger. * Your Q Dagger always drops 350u behind the primary target, and always takes the same amount of time to bounce to get to the ground after the first hit, so you aren't punished for bouncing through multiple people. Try to trick shot Q daggers from one enemy onto a more important target using this offset. Please put any questions or feedback on Katarina in this thread!
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