miss fortune- the ADC without AD. good rework, bad numbers. one fix to fix them all.

i love miss fortune. i love her rework as well. the thematic direction is great. i love it. yes. good. give it to me. except that... they nerfed her AD. no no, they killed her AD. exact values ... ** 46 AD at lvl 1 ** with no masteries and runes which is as much as lulu, and would rank as 3rd lowest compared to live, just above ori at 40 and karthus at 50, surpassed by people like thresh and singed. and even worse ... ** 0.5 AD growth per lvl ** [may be something like 0.7 but the difference is abysmall nonetheless] this is because of her love tap passive. which is cool. and could be a great tool. but they nerfed her AD to the ground in order to make the passive not-opressive. thus, the passive became the absolute core of her gameplay.. which is not cool. as a marksman, you HAVE to focus one high priority target, often. this is not her identity, yes. but while other ADCs can be okay when playing out of their identities and great while playing within them, MF is terrible when not playing within it and okay when playing within in. she should be brought to par, because right now you are forced to do something unnatural to do damage at all, while instead you should be rewarded if you do it with high damage, not forced to do it to get the same damage as other ADCs have simply by auto attacking as normal. she HAS to apply love tap in order to have the same effect as other ADCs that just attack normally. this is an extremely easy fix- bring the AD she has on live & lower the dmg from love tap [it's love tap not love slap]. done, problem solved. MF rework successful, identity cemented, without killing her. i literally kept attacking a cassiopeia and i was dealing 36 damage. at lvl 5. and she was doing 44. no AD items on either. i ulted a minion wave at lvl 8 an didn't kill a single one. NOT OKAY.
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