Seriously Riot at this point, giving back the AS slow on Ezreal's W isn't going to break him anymore

- The game being built around crits really hurt Ezreal as he doesn't scale well with crits at all. - Essence Reaver isn't even a good buy on Ezreal since it requires you to buy crit to use it at its maximum potential, thus hurting Ezreal as he doesn't synergize with crits at all. - Games are ending in 20 minutes by complete stomps. This game has become WAAAAY too snowbally right now. And even if Ezreal manages to win his lane, he is NOT a hypercarry and his powerspike is around 20 minutes. - Plus, his powerspike got nerfed too rofl. Triforce is more expensive, Manamune is more expensive, Essence Reaver is useless unless you got other crits items (so 3600 + 3800 = 7400 gold). Even his botrk Muramana powerspike got nerfed since Manamune AND BoTRK are more expensive and BoTRK got nerfed. - HE STILL HAS A FUCKING USELESS W FOR FUCK'S SAKE. - All of his counters got buffed, so he's even more fucked in lane (Graves one-shots everybody, Caitlyn has 1300 range, Miss Fortune deals even more damage in lane). - His strengths are now easily surpassed by the other ADCs right now. High mobility? I'm thinking Kalista. High safety? I'm thinking Caitlyn. High burst damage? I'm thinking Graves or Lucian. There's literally no reason to pick Ezreal anymore as he got heavily nerfed by all of his itemization being nerfed and Ezreal not scaling well at all with crits. "yea but he can get 30% cdr with Essence Re" No shut up, I'd rather buy Iceborn, CDR boots and Death's Dance than this shit ass Essence Reaver. It was DESIGNED to be good on Ezreal, AND WAS GOOD ON HIM, until they added crits in it... Seriously, at this point, I don't even think giving him back the attack speed slow on his W is going to break him anymore rofl.
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