Nunu Minor Buff Suggestions

So, now with the E changes on the PBE, I think that Nunu might see play a bit more often, though he could need a bit more attackspeed/lvl or a bit more on his W, to be able to use his E for free as often as before (Passive). Also, I think that it'd be nice if his Q Buff Duration from Monsters was increased by Runic Affinity, because it says "Buffs from neutral monsters last 15% longer" and since it's pretty much from Monsters, because you eat them for the buff I think that it should be increased by it. Also, I kinda feel like his Q "+10% Health and Size" buff from eating Blue Buff/Red Buff (or the small red/blue minions) is a bit hard to get in later stages of the game, since your adc and mid can do red and blue by themselves and you don't get to eat the monsters, because of that I think that maybe The Scuttle Crab/Dragon/Baron/Rift Herald should grant the buff too.
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