Executioner's Calling

So I found this discussion on the NA forum. Thought this would be good to give a try on pbe. SoraKnight (http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-gameplay/hrETA1Ba-executioners-calling) > I think that Executioner's Calling should be tweaked to apply Grievous Wounds from Physical Damage instead of just a Basic Attack >I just had a match as Garen against a Mundo in the top lane >I got EC as my 3rd item to help me manage Mundo's massive health regen, but besides my initial attack I rarely proc'd it's effect since I was spinning for a majority of the fight >I think this would help physical champions who don't rely entirely on auto-attacks > people don't get it for it's Crit chance > > people get it because they want Grievous Wounds to deal with a specific situation > > AP users have Morellonomicon, which has AP, Mana regen and CDR in addition to GW > every single mage can use that item to it's fullest effect > > but only AA reliant champions who invest in Crits can use EC to it's fullest I was thinking that we could increase the damage to Executioner's Calling Or Have it's effect steal half the target's lifesteal / Health Regen. Though there should be only champion's effects stolen at a time. I could see it get out of hand and crazy.
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