Ashe Update Feedback Thread

Hi guys, Since Ashe is going to be on PBE now, I wanted to leave brief context post explaining what's going on, as well as provide a place for you guys to give feedback on power, bugs, bad feels, clunkiness, or whatever else. Without typing up a whole wall of text, I'll cut straight to the abilities: Base Stats * AA missile speed 2000 >>> 2500 * AS/lvl 4.0 >>> 3.33 Passive - Frost Shots * Permaslow moved from Q to Passive. * Slow strength scales with character level * Ashe no longer has a _chance_ to crit. She never crits targets that don't have her passive on them, but _always_ crits targets that do have it for (math stuff below, since I know people will ask or be confused): * (TotalAD)x1.1+(TotalAD)x((CritChanceStat)x(1+(CritDamageStat))) * Let's say Ashe has IE, PD, and 200AD. Under this model, she deals 385 damage (200x1.1+200x.55x1.5). * With an IE and 100% Crit, she deals her ADx2.6 on targets with her passive on them. * Etc. Q - Ranger's Focus * Ashe builds Focus stacks by attacking, up to 5 stacks. * When activated, she gains AS and her Passive slow is improved for 4 seconds. * If she consumed 5 stacks of Focus, her AA also transforms to a flurry attack for the duration, which is effectively additional AD * During the flurry attack, Ashe will Crit (from her passive) and Lifesteal, but will only apply on-hit effects like BotRK and Braum passive on the first arrow of each flurry attack W - Volley * Mostly unchanged, except it does a bit less damage, has a bit lower CD early game, and has better blocking gameplay now (no more free damage through minion waves) E - Hawkshot * No longer passively grants additional gold on last-hit * Is now global and on ammo, but the recharge rate is longer than the old cooldown R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow * Unchanged except for a small nerf where the area slow around the ECA target is now her passive slow rather than a 50% slow As I mentioned, please feel free to leave feedback here. Pending how busy I am getting her ready for release and managing a few other projects, I'll try to stop in regularly to respond to your posts. Cheers, Repertoir
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