Absolutely fantastic skin. This will be an insta-buy for me. Pros: * One of the best recalls in the game. * Wanna be a GI Joe? check! * Fantastic particles. * One of the most satisfying AA SFX in the game (love it!) * Really sets off that covert sniper fantasy. As I can think of no real cons, here are a few critiques: * I only have 1 real complaint/thought. Everything looks so sleek and special ops like. Charged Q looks like a giant fat looney toons arrow. I'd keep the size but make the arrow look more slender, like it could actually fire from the bow. Add an extra particle if necessary for visibility. It just looks comical now, when the rest of him is so efficient/sniperish. * Mid air floating grenades for W seem a bit meh. Something like arctic themed versions of this would have been neat http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-32511094/stock-photo-military-dish-antenna-on-white-background.html. This isn't a real complaint though.
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