Battlecast Vel'Koz Voice Suggestion

I've been messing around with Vel'Koz and his skin. I think the overall look and feel of the champion is great! Riot, you did a great job in making this champ. My only issue is with BC Vel'Kozes Voice. It has the right feel don't get me wrong. But when I listen to other Battlecasts like Viktor and Cho'Gath, I feel like I can hear there Voices perfectly and still feel their Inner Robot. But with BC Vel, I don't get that. His voice seems *too* Robotic to the extent I have a hard time Understanding him. Other Champion Voices, BC or not, I haven't had a Problem hearing at all over my Career as a Summoner. Would it be possible for you guys to Tweak his voice Slightly to make it more Understandable? It's probably an Odd request, but I feel like there's too much static when he uses an S sound, or too much rumbling with his lines in the background to understand him properly without straining to hear what he said. (Note: If anyone wants to hear the Voice Lines, Here's a Link to Both) My Regards - An Apparently Deaf Summoner {{summoner:4}}
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