Cassiopeia E change

Hello Riot. I'm here to talk about the change that you are testing on Cassiopeia E that casting Twin Fang should no longer cancel Move or Attack orders. I'm very disappointed about this change because I don't think it is the right way of buffing her or improve her game experience but this change just makes her easier to play. Cassiopeia is a very mechanically intensive and high skill cap mage champion that require a lot of practice to play her at the best and she should remain like she is. This change just reduces her skill cap because now you can literally poison someone and just spammig eeeee because she can atomatically move towards the target or the direction you decided to go. At least before you should be able to kite or chase someone correctly moving between each e and that's what makes her so hard to play for the biggest part and this is a reason i like her so much. Now also noobs will be able to play her and ruined experience of very dedicated Cassiopeia players. I hope this change will never go live. Thank you. A Cassiopeia Player.
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