"Definitely Not Dominion" game mode live on the PBE for RGM queue testing.

http://i.imgur.com/sHedkxV.jpg Heya all ^_^/ Time for a fresh (but familiar) face in the RGM queue. This week we're debuting the _"Definitely Not Dominion"_ game mode on PBE to begin testing. We've given the old Dominion some fairly heavy surgery. Originally designed as a long-term engagement experience as a permanent queue, we've shifted the mode into a short-term experience more befitting the RGM queue. While this isn't the same as original Dominion (definitely not), it stills hold the essence of 'capture and hold' gameplay around that Dominion was iconic for, but with a lot more punch! Let's get into the new stuff. **Changed map:** We've removed the bottom 2 towers from play, making a total of 3 capture points around the map. Relegating 2 players to an eternal 1v1 while a 4v4 kinda happens across the rest of the map wasn't working. We sealed a wedge along the bottom behind walls and a fountain style laser will zap you if you go near those points. This means each team will ALWAYS hold at least 1 point for minion spawning. The new map layout looks something like this: http://i.imgur.com/clChhT1.png **Storm Altar:** The center Storm Runes have been replaced with an altar that you can capture for a temporary combat buff. The Nimbus Storm buff gives you 3 charges that do 4/5/6% max HP true damage on any spell or attack. While controlling the altar, all allied team members also generate a free charge of the Storm Nimbus every 4 sec while in combat. Great for siege breaking and uprooting enemy teams that are dug-in on a point. http://i.imgur.com/tFzUInq.png **Ultra Minion Relics:** Near the sealed bottom 2 points are 2 Ultra Minion Relics, 1 owned by each team. Capturing the enemy team's Ultra Minion Relic will summon an Ultra Minion for your team in the next minion wave. These are serious minions. They capture WAY faster than any 1 champion, deal out punishment and are extremely tanky. http://i.imgur.com/DRzMewX.png Backdooring to capture these still feels good if successful, but the defending team doesn't need to go through the 'chore' of 'recapping' anything now, like they did with the old capture points. These Ultra Minion relics are capture and forget, respawning again a short time later. http://i.imgur.com/Vu2zLw7.png **Trinket change:** All players now have a Seer Stone trinket which provides a short range burst of vision. On the Crystal Scar with so many bushes and face-checks, this can be very handy for scouting Ultra Minion relics or staying safe as a squishier champions. http://i.imgur.com/JY7W0tE.png **Minion spawn & pathing changes:** Minions used to disappear after capturing a point and it could feel really bad to spend your time pushing a big wave up to a point for capture, only to have it disappear afterwards and not continue on. Minions now spawn from ONLY the bottom 2 points, and walk clockwise or anti-clockwise respectively around the map. If they capture a point, they will KEEP ON GOING to the next point. This tug-of-war wave style for minions feels more satisfying for wave pushers and captures. **Known bugs & Updates:** -- Play flow art yet to be updated with new Ziggs sketch. -- When playing red side, Ultra Minion relic pads are wrong colour. -- Investigating end of game screen crash. As with all modes, after enough testing on PBE we'll hopefully roll them into the RGM queue. This mode has quite a bit more new stuff than previous modes so, we'll try to let it soak across the weekend. Thanks for your help PBE peeps! -- L4T3NCY
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