Doom Bots: Bugs and Feedback Thread!

_The wind howls through the trees, carrying through an air of mystery and slight terror..._ Greetings, Summoners! Prepare yourselves for the ultimate Doom of your lives! Doom Bots: The Teemoing is hitting PBE! **The Teemoing will be our fixed difficulty version of the mode**. This version does not have the difficulty voting. However, it has all of the same crazy content as The Gauntlet version of the mode! :) **There are lot of complexities on the mode, but if you see issues with the following, please report them here or via the Bug Reporting Tool: ** * Evil Boss does not path properly/does not attack targets/etc * Bots do not properly path/attack targets * Curses do not work properly * Game crashes! (PLEASE submit your bugsplats! <3) **We have a few known bugs currently with the mode:** Resolved Bugs: * ~~Ryze Warp Curse has a slightly higher rate of spawn than normal -- We may keep this though if it's fun :) So let us know what you think!~~ This has been fixed! Go forth... or go forth less? * ~~This version may be slightly less difficult than intended! We ran into an issue where the bots aren't quite as buff as intended, so we're working on that. Expect Bot buffs tomorrow :D~~ Fixed! Bots are slightly stronger now. * ~~Some Curses may be missing sounds! ~~ Everything should have sounds now! Let us know if something is missing. :) * ~~Teemo or champions may become invincible if put into an invulnerable state before the summoning. ~~ This should be fixed! Let us know if you're still seeing this! * ~~Regular Malzahar cannot spawn more than 1 voidling~~ -> Resolved! * ~~Ryze Warp curses causes hitching ~~ -> Resolved! * ~~Some bots don't have skins T_T~~ -> This should be resolved now * ~~O o p s! Gauntlet does not scale properly from level 70 upward.~~ -> Resolved! New/Unfixed Bugs: * Ivern cannot attack Udyr camps summoned into lane -> Should be on PBE now! * Teemo can sometimes hit 1 or 0 HP but not die! -> There should be a fix on PBE now! * Malzahar voidlings/Udyr monsters can still attack things during the Summoning Ceremony -> There should be a fix in now! * There may be some performance issues with the mode! If you run into performance issues, please let us know and post your DXDiag! Upcoming New features: * Spooky music! We heard your feedback, and we agree! We will be adding the Twisted Treeline music to the map :D -> This is active now! * GAUNTLET MODE ACTIVATED! -> This is active now! * Some bots will have skins! :D -> This is active now! * Map is still purple, but less purple. -> This is active now! * Made the Giant Darts a little more accurate. So you may get hit more. :D -> This is active now! * Gangplank generates silver serpents passively! -> This is active now! * Adding Quick Charge Tear items! -> In progress As always, any feedback you have is also welcome here! :) Hit us with it! You should expect to see The Gauntlet version of the mode active within the next day or so. Happy hunting! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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