Bug-Cham Thresh, some animations are "broken" when he picks up a soul in his clasical skin

Hello, I see a bug on the champ Thresh during a large time, some of his animations are "broken" when he picks up souls on the summoner rifts in his clasical skin.The corrects thing is that thresh shouldn't change the animation when he picks up a soul, he should only open the lantern,he shouldn,t change the whole animation. The broken,s animations are: -When he walks and picks up a soul(with boots or without them) -When he attacks and picks up a soul -When he runs with a homeguard or other hard speed bonus and picks up a soul When he stays in the idle animation , it doesn,t "break down". A curiosity is that when i played with the championship skin in a friend's account ,the animations of this skin are corrected!! All of them! I can´t test the deep terror skin of this champ(i haven't rp in the PBE server and i haven't a friend with this skin xD) I record two videos for the people in order to understand me a better way -The original skin with the bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeONZUbKcH0&feature=youtu.be -The championship skin for comparing (so should be) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGc5q9-YkQc&feature=youtu.be This bug don,t affect the gameplay but i think riot should correct it because in the last months the quality of the skins and champions is very good(in terms effects, animations and aspects) and these mistakes spoil a little the game. Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.
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