Reaching Critical Mass with Yasuo and Tryndamere

Statikk Shiv has recently been buffed to provide 30% Critical Chance from 20%, and while this buff is very nice for Ranged Carries, the two champions with Innate Critical Chance are now able to reach 100% Critical Chance with roughly 1.5 items, depending on your runes. This becomes a huge problem with the existence of the Keystone Mastery: Warlord's Bloodlust (Heals for 15% of the damage you dealt on-crit and grants 20% Attack Speed for 4 seconds) and the sheer speed at which this can be accomplished. For Example: With 9 Critical Strike Chance Marks and 4 Critical Strike Chance Seals on Yasuo, you get 10% from your Runes. Once you buy Stattik you have 40%, meaning the only other item you need to buy to get 50% is a Brawler's Glove and his passive takes care of the rest, bringing you to 100% crit chance with 3100 gold. In the case of Tryndamere, it takes a tad more. Since he only gets 35% Crit Chance from his passive, he has to make up the 15% deficit with an extra 5% crit chance investment in Runes and Cloak of Agility instead of Brawler's Glove making him invest 5 more Crit Chance Seals, 2 Crit Chance Glyphs and 1 Crit Chance Quint . However, Tryndamere's crits deal full 200% damage whereas Yasuo's only deal 190% damage and gains bonus AD from his Q. What do you guys and gals think about this? Is it too easy or is it justified? Personally, I think that the Keystone Mastery should be limited to Critical Strikes on Champions and/or Shiv's Crit Chance reduced to 25%.
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