Void Fizz model should look more like the splash art

For easy comparison between the two: Splash art: http://i.imgur.com/agzIlt4.jpg In-game model: http://i.imgur.com/Avg4lwE.jpg A couple things the splash art look really different and **much** nicer imo: * His mouth isn't as huge (**please** at least fix this one! <3 ) * Eye color is less dull and the eye in the middle is more open I'm sorry if this sounds kinda nitpicky. I still love how the skin looks, but I think it could look even better if it were changed to look more like how the new splash art looks. I've played hundreds upon hundreds of games as Fizz and will probably play many more with this new skin, so I'm trying to be as picky as possible so it can end up looking awesome :D
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