So... How is Poppy as a New Champion?

I've played lots of Old Poppy, and that's been the bearing of most of the feedback that has been submitted about Poppy so far. People are right to point out that New Poppy isn't Old Poppy in pretty much any way (story, attitude, playstyle, voice over). But, it seems that it's too late for us to change Riot's mind on those points; they don't like Old Poppy, and we need to realize that. So let's start discussing how New Poppy feels as an entirely-new champion. If we accept that New Poppy isn't supposed to be Old Poppy, how does this new kit feel on its own? That's what I'd like to discuss, since I think that we can make headway there, so that's what I'm going to cover here. Let's start with some good things. * The combination of W's speed boost, E's dash, and Q's slowing field have made for pretty amazing escapes in my games. I feel like I can make ballsy plays and still get out because I have pretty nice mobility. * Instant-cast ult feels impactful. I like knocking someone way in the air, using the time to reposition, and then slamming them into the wall with E. It's a nice little combo. * I like the visuals. Now, I've only played with Scarlet Hammer, since I own that on Live, so I can't really speak to some of the things that others dislike (the chin pointiness and eye size), but I do like what I've seen. * I'm okay with the voice over and the lore. She does sound really close to Tristana, but I like the writing. * Her passive feels really strong in the jungle. The sustain is there, and she has strong ganks if she can throw that shield to apply Red Buff so that she can catch up to someone. Oooooookay that's the good stuff that I could think of. How about stuff that I'd like to see changed? * The passive feels stupid in lane and in fights. Pretty much any time that the shield isn't guaranteed to bounce near me, or I have to focus on something other than just picking up the shield, I don't get it. If I have to focus on last hitting, or not getting in range of the enemy laner, or trying to chase an enemy, or trying to position an enemy against a wall... I just don't end up picking up the shield. For being Poppy's best defensive stat, I feel like it's taking up too much theoretical power budget and not providing enough practical benefit. Sure, Poppy _can_ get a 15% HP shield every 18-10 seconds, but that definitely doesn't happen. > I'd like to see a few changes. > One, I want the shield to bounce toward Poppy, right in the middle of her and her target. This forces the enemy to step toward Poppy to stomp it out, and gives Poppy the shield pretty automatically if she's in melee range or going all in on an enemy > Two, I want to be able to do something to reduce the shield cooldown. 18-10 seconds feels like a really long time. Perhaps make it affected by CDR, so that I get rewarded more for building those items? Perhaps make it refund half of the cooldown if I pick up the shield, so that I'm rewarded for smartly using that? Perhaps make it refund some of the cooldown per autoattack, doubled against champions (so that I'm rewarded for going ham and sticking around for a fight, instead of just poking with it)? I don't know, but I feel like the passive is too much of my power for something that I can only barely affect with my build or play style. * Q's AoE feels really small. So many times, I've failed to hit it when chasing someone, even though I was close enough to make the person sick via sneeze. And, it's far too easy to miss when you've slammed someone into a wall. > Make the AoE longer, both in front of Poppy, and behind. * W's dash canceling feels either buggy, or ineffective. This is another place where it feels like theoretical power is being added to the kit, without practical power. The number of mobility spells that W blocks is silly-small. It doesn't block Yi's Alpha Strike, or Talon, or Zed, or the knockup from Jarvan/Vi's dashes. It doesn't block "unstoppable" spells (of course). It doesn't keep ranged champions away. So... how is this supposed to be a really strong peel spell? Sure, it stops Renekton/Ahri/Riven/Yasuo from getting in the middle of your team, but it just isn't reliable enough to let Poppy fulfill the "peel for the ADC" role. * Tied in with this and the wonky bounce on the passive shield, is the fact that Poppy lacks any immediate tankiness. There's no button that I can press to say "okay, I want to be tankier for a while now". > Make Poppy's W AoE give some defensive bonus to any allies within the radius. This way, Poppy is useful to help the squishies even against blinking/unstoppable/walking/ranged, and Poppy can selfishly press the button to get some immediate tankiness when she really needs it. * Poppy's charged R feels super useless. There are a few uses for it: 1. Knock someone away from an objective. Pretty useful there, unless your team actually wanted to fight there. I did this under tower so that we could take it uncontested, and while the ult was flying through the air, Thresh landed a hook on the enemy ADC. Of course, the ult knocked her far away, and we lost Thresh's pick. Needless to say, I felt bad for ulting. 2. Peel someone with it, knocking an assassin or tank far away. Well... this just doesn't work. It takes too long to spin up, and in that time you're going to get stunned or silenced or knocked up by someone with a more useful, more direct CC spell. And then you have to wait 30 seconds. Or, in the time that it takes you to spin up your ult to knock away that stupid Talon, he already killed your ADC, and then says "/all Thanks!" because you gave him a way to escape from the middle of your team. Needless to say... you should feel bad for ulting. 3. Finish off some low-health enemy. Just... don't try this. I ulted an ~120 HP Sona at level 11, and... GUESS WHAT SHE DIDN'T DIE. She just went flying way far away toward safety, and I felt like a dummy. Needless to say... I felt like a dummy for wasting my ult, and making it harder to dive the 120 HP Sona. 4. Start a teamfight by knocking away an important badguy? I haven't managed to make this work. It's like a way worse version of a Blitz grab or Thresh hook, even if I could. And even then, the knock back isn't THAT far... the important badguy can just walk back to his team while they fight toward him. Needless to say... felt bad. * Ult's shouldn't feel bad. And Poppy's ult feels like literally the worst, least game-changing ult in the game, perhaps aside from Evelynn (TT^TT). Sure, theoretically this could be a game-changing ult, but practically, it's way less likely to be than any number of other ults that don't come with all of the drawbacks. > I don't even know how I would fix it. But every time, I really just wish that I had Nautilus's ult, what with the superior damage, lower cooldown, longer CC, more reliable targetting, and general not-super-annoying-to-your-teammates-ness of it. So, yeah. There have been some good moments playing this new champion, but I don't feel like she's there yet. I find myself continually coming back to theoretical power versus practical power, and it feels like Poppy is full of the previous and really lacking in the latter. What do you guys think of Poppy as a new champ?
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