Let's talk about Mordekaiser, Master of Metal

So, as we heard, Mordekaiser {{champion:82}} is said to be looked into by you peeps at Rito gems. As a Mordekaiser player and a metal enthusiast I'd like to add my two cents on the matter. What apparently matters during champion reworks and I hope will be taken into account during the upcoming changes is champion's identity. While again this is only my opinion and I may be completely wrong (and feel free to correct me if you think I am), but here's what I think about what our great numero uno's identity is. Well, I'll actually list what I think is iconic about Mordekaiser and explain why. **The shield.** This one is kinda obvious. It's what offers Mordekaiser sustain in lane and an upper hand at trading, plus longer survivability in teamfights. It's also what makes him so great in early- to midgame skirmishes. **High damage & no mobility or CC** This is what made Mordekaiser (apart from him being the indisputable Master of Metal) so fun to play, for me at least. The fact that he's the **only** champion in the game without **any** form of crowd control, speedups, dashes, blinks, untargetabilites (is that even a word?) but has high, bursty and short-range damage output makes one's positioning crucial. And that's what makes him truly unique, I think. There's probably a few things I could list here, but I think these two are by far most important. I really don't want to see Mordekaiser suddenly having double the shield, a speedup on his W and a stun on his Q in exchange for half of his damage. I also wouldn't really be fond of a shorter cooldown and less damage on his skills or something like that. It would just ruin most of the fun and uniqueness of Mordekaiser. I mean, most of League's champions can escape a mediocre enemy gank when they hit lvl 6 without flash. But not many of them can just kill the jungler and then kill the laner with the jungler's ghost. And again feel free to add what you think about Mordekaiser, even if you completely disagree with me not wanting Mordekaiser to be made into another tanky fighter.
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