New Vision Changes on the PBE (10/31/2013)

*Please remember that things on the PBE are **tentative** and highly subject to change! Some assets are in a high state of flux, so you can expect even placeholder assets where we’re trying to get additional art in.* [**If you’re interested in the core philosophies around our vision changes, check out our complete rundown here!**]( *We’ll be going over our individual changes with smaller contextual paragraphs, but these were written with our overarching approaches in mind.* **Summary**: With this preseason we want to diffuse the responsibility of vision from being a single player burden to a team-wide job. Additionally, we want to infuse more gameplay into the vision game with additional functionality and the addition of trinkets. **Vision Trinkets (Summoner’s Rift Only)** *To encourage all players to participate in providing vision for their allies, we're providing unique item options dedicated to vision on Summoner’s Rift.* * Added a 7th Item slot, which can only contain a vision trinket * Added 3 free vision relics: Warding Totem, Scrying Orb and Sweeping Lens * **Warding Totem** - places an stealth ward for 60 sec. (120 sec cooldown) * **Scrying Orb** - reveals a location within 1100 range for 1 sec. (150 sec cd) * **Sweeping Lens** - disables and reveals any nearby hidden wards, traps or devices for 4 seconds (180 sec cd) - * These items upgrade at Champion Level 9: * **Greater Totem** - places a stealth ward for 120 sec. (120 sec cooldown) * **Greater Orb** - cast range increased to 2000. * **Greater Lens** - sweep area of effect increased by 100%, cooldown reduced to 150 sec. - * These items can then be upgraded at the shop for 475 Gold: * **Greater Stealth Totem** - Places a stealth ward for 180 sec. (180 second cooldown) * **Greater Vision Totem** - Places a vision ward (180 second cooldown) * **Farsight Orb** - Cast Range increased to 2500, (120 second cooldown) * **Oracle's Lens** - Additionally grants True Sight for 10 seconds after activation (90 second cooldown) --- **Wards** *Support players were expected to shoulder the majority of the warding burden on the map. Because they could place as many ward as they could afford, this meant all of the support income was best spent on warding. We want all players on the team to participate in warding and providing vision to their team.* **Sight Wards** * Sight (Green) wards renamed to "Stealth Wards" * Sight wards limited to a max of 3 placed per player * Ward tooltips display how many stealth wards are currently placed **Vision Wards** *Vision Wards being superior in every respect to Sight Wards has created some weird escalation cases where there is simply an unending cycle of 'Pink' Ward destruction. By positioning Vision Wards as having different strengths and trade-offs - we hope to create a better defined role for both Sight and Vision Wards.* * Vision (Pink) wards no longer stealthed * Vision wards have 5 health * Vision wards have infinite duration * Vision wards cost reduced to 75 from 100 * Vision wards limited to 1 placed on the map per player **Sightstone / Ruby Sightstone** * Sightstones no longer have their own restriction but are restricted by your stealth ward cap --- **Brush** *We took a pass at reassessing the Brush on Summoner's Rift as the current design of Brush has no clear gameplay associated with it under than warding. We've generally reduced the size and altered the shape of each Brush patch to allow for greater non-ward interactions with Brush* * Generally cleaned up Brush configurations that required two or three wards for full coverage * Generally reduced the size and wavy nature of each Jungle Brush * Top Lane Brush has been broken up into three smaller individual Brush Patches * Brush leading into River has been moved back slightly * Brush now move and sway when you move in brush, this effect can only be seen by allies --- **General** * Placing a ward will now display your ward count and the ward that will be destroyed. **Oracle's Elixir** *We’re removing Oracle's Elixir as it has traditionally been a major drain on support and jungler item builds, and has also traditionally been far too binary in controlling early game vision.* * Removed from Summoner's Rift
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