I feel like increasing the base stats of champions was a bit excessive.

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Hello, I am a Diamond Miss Fortune onetrick and I've decided to start testing Miss Fortune on the PBE today. From what I've noticed is that they increased her Base AD from 46 to 54 and base armor from 24 to 33. My current runepage on the live servers give 15 AD (9 marks, 7 Glyphs and 2 Quints), 1.5% Lifesteal (1 Quint), 72 Flat Health (9 seals) and 6 magic resist at 18 (2 glyphs). Combined with the stats from the rune pages, the base stat buffs are just breaking Miss Fortune and possibly other champions. I start the game with 79 AD if I start with a longsword, which is insane compared to the previous 71 AD. Miss Fortune scales really well with AD and just increasing the base AD might make her too oppressive in my opinion. The runes also fix most of Miss Fortune's weaknesses. I've adjusted this page to my personal playstyle. The 8% lifesteal from Legends:Bloodline is insane since I NEVER buy lifesteal on Miss Fortune. Coup de grace now gives a whooping 10% extra damage on people below 40% HP, which is a bit overtuned in my opinion. Then there's the Sorcery Tree. Summon Aerie gives you so much lane harass since it doesn't have a cooldown. Manaflow band pretty much nullifies Miss Fortune's main weakness in lane, mana sustain. It gives you a free spell every minute and it'll also restore 8% of your missing mana. Transcendence gives you 10% CDR and 1.2 AD per overcapped CDR. A build close to what I use on the live servers can get 80% CDR with this runes, which means 48 AD. The build I am talking about is Infinity Edge, Duskblade, Essence Reaver, Ghostblade, Rapidfire Cannon, Black Cleaver. 48 AD is a lot from a lesser rune. Then the last rune I took is Gathering Storm simply because it's BIS for Miss Fortune. Granting AD as the game lasts longer is just a nice little bonus. I am afraid that the runes will break Miss Fortune and put her in a must pick/ban situation. There are probably more champions with this problem, so please Riot... Atleast think the buffs to the basestats through. Perhaps removing most of the AD buffs entirely and keeping the defensive buffs might be an option.
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