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Hello fellow pbe testers and (hopefully) people from Riot, who will catch this post I just noticed the most recent pbe patch notes, containing a certain buff for Ezreal {{champion:81}} For clarification i added a screenshot of the mentioned buff As someone whose played Ezreal for the entirety of his game time in League, that being more than 5 years, I was disappointed, frustrated and sad, that after all this time the best thing you could do in terms of balance, was, ANOTHER Q buff Now, I know that Worlds 2017 is just around the corner, and patches have to be careful in terms of power given, however, I still disagree with the direction taken and I felt compelled to write my honest feedback, in hopes that it would be heard Ezreal's Q, his bread'n'butter ability is already in fine if even a bit overpowered, state I'm glad in a way that he is at least in the notes, but I really think the best way to do work on him is his W, which I'm sure you already know us Ezreal mains desire the most, but I hear you when you say now may be not the right time So I propose just some power shifting, instead of straight out buffing his almost broken ability, try to take out some of the power, and put it somewhere else Passive sounds like the best candidate, since I consider it the overall weakest part of his current kit, as a caster marksman, while his passive sounds much better on someone who relies more on auto attacking the hell out of the opposite team It's okay weaving a few autos in between abilities, but regardless of that, death recap does still show more damage dealt by Q, and that feels fine, and that shows that despite what the passive gives to Ezreal, the power it gives is relatively unnoticed, and considering it's a raw stat booster, it feels outdated Something else that could be a potential thing to look at is his itemisation, which must today contain Tear, Spellblade and BotRK + boots, effectively making players feel like you have 2 item slots, usually occupied by a tank buster {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} and leaving one tiny slot to be filled with {{item:3026}} or {{item:3139}} So many items in the game, and feels like the choice always falls down to maybe 10 of those While the spellblade should stay as long as Q continues to proc on hit effects, mana and %damage items (yes I'm looking at you BotRK) could be somehow integrated into his kit, by taking the power he has currently, specifically when talking about mana we have Jayce {{champion:126}} as a prime example where he was worked on to stop relying on first back tear buying, and Ezreal feels like he can be done in a similar way These are just some of my thoughts, hoping some other Ezreal players will contribute to this topic with some of their thoughts Cheers :D
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