Diamond player's opinion on the Shyvana buffs and why it won't fix her

Hi, I'm an Diamond ex shyvana main in season 3 and here's my opinion on the changes Riot has been doing to Shyvana in last few patches. First off, let's look at the buffs in this patch and the previous patches: * Twin Bite (Q) : "Cooldown reduced to 9 / 8/ 7 / 6 / 5 seconds from 10 / 9 / 8/ 7 / 6 seconds." * Burnout (W) : "25% of this damage is applied again when Shyvana basic attacks an enemy with Burnout active." * Flame Breath (E): "Bonus damage against marked targets increased to 2.5% of maximum health from 2.0%." Looking at these buffs, we notice that it has one goal: giving shyvana more damage. Why is that wrong? Shyvana already has a lot of damage, in fact she's one of the most damaging tanks in the game and had to be nerfed for dealing too much damage back in season 3. You might be thinking, well giving her more damage will make just as strong as she was in season 3 right? That's where the issue comes in. In season 3, tanks items were a lot more effective, making shyvana able to go full tank and just be unkillable so she could ignore people and run at them at will. Unfortunaly, this isn't the case anymore, first off, tanks items aren't what they were back then and new champions have easy ways of escaping Shyvana's damage, making her unable to use it, since she's being peeled off or kited out by more mobile champions. Also, with the rise of ranged tops like lulu, lissandra and gnar just made shyvana's laning is a lot worse. So with these changes in the meta game and in the item balance, giving her damage will not fix her core problem, it will just keep her in a bad state where she has a truckload of damage that she can't use. So you might be wondering, how do we allow her to be able to use her damage without being overpowered? Her biggest problem is: her ultimate. It's one of the worst gap closer and ultimate in the game and here's why. For one, it has a very long cast time/ travel time, making it very predictable to avoid. It also has a very small hitbox/ AoE, so it very easy to side step it. While those two thing are annoying, I can live with. What I can't live with is the fact it can be stopped by CC. When you compare her ultimate with Hecarim and Malphite, it makes almost no sense that her's can be stopped by CC and theirs can't. They all have the same goal of diving someone with a medium to long range gap closer and CCing them in process and to combo with their other abilities. The problem is, everything, I really mean, everything stops Shyvana's ultimate. A thresh E, a Janna Q/R, a Maokai Q, a darius E as she's casting it, etc. It feels very frustrating to use her ultimate and it being stopped by some random CC like that, making her very weak since she has no reliable way to engage on someone. Her lack of sticking power is fine, since she can itemize for it with randuins, mallet or blade of the ruinned king and she has a lot of damage in her kit that having a lack of sticking power makes her balanced, but the inability to engage on anyone makes her insanely weak, espicially against ranged champions which she struggles a lot against. My suggestion would be to make her ultimate like Hecarim/Malphite, where she "cannot be stopped" while travelling in her ultimate so she can actually reach valuable targets. I would be ready to accept revert to her damage buffs to her E, Q and W just for that since I would actually be able to use her damage and feel like I stand a chance against a ranged heavy team. Thanks for reading. TLDR: Giving Shyvana damage doesn't help her since she can't use it. Make her ultimate unstoppable by CC like Malphite / Hecarim so she can actually engage on the carries without it feeling very underwhelming.
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