Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!

Heya everyone! Our next featured game mode, the Doom Bots of Doom is now live and loose on PBE! Try them out and let us know what you think! We’re keen to get feedback from you guys. There are three different levels (of doom) for you to challenge. When facing 2 & 5 bomb difficulties, the bots have additional ‘Bonus Doom’ buffs, inspired by the doomed abilities of other champions: **1 Bomb** – Our Doom Bots have been doomed with powerful mutations to their abilities. **2 Bombs** – Congratulations! You’ve unlocked Bonus Doom! On each death, the bots will randomise a new Bonus Doom. **5 Bombs** – Good luck. ^_^ As an aside, the Doom Bots (much like all our other bots) do not cheat with vision. They can only see what a normal player can given their ward coverage, minion waves, abilities (doomed or otherwise), etc. Known issues: -Some sounds and VO surrounding doomed abilities might not be playing. We’re working on these. -There is an issue causing bugsplats during game. We're aware of this and working on it! Let us know if you guys run into any issues (particularly with the 2 & 5 Bomb difficulties) and tell us about your games! There are 15 Doom Bots in total, so we wanna know, which team compositions are the hardest? Which Bonus Doom combos the best on which bots? Who is the hardest champion you’ve beaten them with? Let us hear your magical feedback! Edit: There is a fix implemented and we're trying to get it out ASAP. I'll keep you guys posted once it's up! ^^b
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