We're going to need a slot dedicated to pinks wards, here's why...

After some testing around with trinkets on the PBE, I realized that, with the removal of the Pink ward upgrade from warding totem, and Scanner Lens' inability to actually REVEAL a stealthed champion, we would be quite defenseless against stealth after a certain point in the game. The Scanner Lens upgrade only pings if a stealthed champion is in the area, not actually reveal them, so now all we have left to fight stealth is pink wards. But since we have a limited number of slots, come mid-late game when everyone has their inventory full of completed items or components, how are we supposed to buy a pink ward to combat stealth? Are we supposed to let the Rengars, Kha'zixes, Vaynes, Akalis of the world roll over us because we can't actually see them coming/in combat?
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