Azir's Sand Soldiers ––– Rewritten Auto-Attacks Feedback

Riot Exgeniar on Twitter
Hey Azir Mains, I've rewrote Azir's soldier auto-attacks on the PBE. Let me know if you've notice issues with it!
In today's PBE patch (2/25), Azir's sand soldiers has rewritten auto-attacks to make it feel more smoother than on the Live Servers. On the Live Servers, the sand soldiers will feel clunky while auto-attacking, especially while orb-walking and getting more attack speed as the game goes on. The most common bug I have encounter is the sand soldiers completely missing an auto-attack while attacking the opponent or farming. From my personal experience, this has happened so frequently and I missed a bunch of kills or creeps during the laning phase. It won't even proc the Thunderlord's Decree! This bug is what frustrates me the most by playing Azir on the Live servers. Another bug I encountered, but slightly rare, is hearing the auto-attack while the sand soldier does nothing. After testing the new rewritten sand soldier auto-attacks on PBE, it actually feels more smooth, fluid, and responsive. This may sound a bit weird, but I was able to feel the weight of the sand soldier auto-attacks and it just feels right. I was able to perform combos quickly without any major issues! I have not experienced any bugs that I mentioned earlier and I am happy to see it gone. I will keep testing Azir and see if any other bugs will show up. I am glad to see that Azir is getting some form of attention and I am looking forward to see how polished he will become in the future. Thanks, an Azir Main
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