Xerath rework now back on PBE

Summoners! We've got the Xerath kit update (with some minor visual updates) back on PBE for you. Here's the TL;DR: **Q is now a Vi/Varus style channel while moving spell with great range** **W is now a circle AOE spell with what we refer to as a "sweetspot" mechanic (think Leona's ultimate)--additional damage and slow in center** **E is now a skillshot stun** **R is now full on siege mode: immobilize yourself to shoot three super long range missiles.** -- What we're particularly looking for in terms of feedback: * Does the ultimate feel good for Xerath and for his enemy? Is it overly stressful to try and dodge it? * Does Xerath ever hold shots in his ultimate or does he always fire them off rapid-fire? * How safe is Xerath in lane? * And finally, what about Xerath in odd positions? Jungle Xerath? Support Xerath? Go crazy! (but don't troll your fellow testers) Thanks very much for your feedback! To pre-empt some of the more common comments we see on these threads, here's a quick Q&A: **Does this come with a full visual update?** Xerath is getting a kit overhaul, focused on bringing his mechanics up to modern standards of what is fun in LoL. There is a low level of visual support, mainly particles (VFX), but this is NOT a full visual update. **Why remake Xerath anyway? He's perfectly fine and I'm currently on a 23 game winning spree in Diamond I.** Sorry George, but this remake is not aimed at pure power. Also, when we talk about how fun a champion is to play, we're not just talking about how fun it is to play as the champion, but also how fun it is to play *against* that champion. Take Morgana. Dodging Dark Bindings in lane is fun. Positioning behind minions so you're save from them is fun. At the same time, landing that clutch binding is super fun for Morgana. Fun for everyone! Yay! Now, Xerath: putting an E mark on a dude and bursting him to kingdom come from outside of his vision is tons of fun for Xerath once the Xerath player has achieved the level of mastery that allows him to survive and farm to the point where he can do this. For the enemy? Not so much. This is the core concept of counterplay, which we think is crucial to the success of our game. Champions that take away your ability to act in the game make the game worse in the long run, even if they're super fun to play. **Why don't you remake X, Y, or Z instead?** Trust me, we have a very long list of champions we want to update eventually. Sion, Poppy, Yorick... We're getting to them one at a time. Xelnath had a couple of great ideas for Xerath and felt very strongly about the champion. When he moved over to helping with the vision and support gold changes for the 2014 season, I took over Xerath and gave it that last 5% of polish. There's lots of work on similar reworks going on (Skarner being one of them) and you'll see them as soon as they're ready. Thanks again!
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