[BUG] When using a pot, selling, or undoing something it says "purchased !" in chat.

I found this out when I was in lane playing ADC and I was using pots and then my chat popped up every time I used a pot or sold something. {{item:2003}} USEFUL INFORMATION FROM THIS BY : ***ShadowedStealth*** " purchased !" will show in chat when one of the following occurs: -Buying an item from the store -An item is refunded/sold in the store -Active items are used (including pots, vision wards, and stealth wards) -When initiating the recall feature -When activating the trinket -When switching items in slots " purchased !" shows in white text on a new line with every occurrence. Does not occur when: -Using summoner spells -Using Champion abilities -Killing an enemy -Being killed -Using Taunt, Joke, Laugh, or Dance -Killing a major objective (turret, Baron, Dragon, or other jungle monsters) Also, an audio bug within the store when clicking on or purchasing an item will play the audio file accompanied with it twice very quickly. Hopefully this is a good list of things checked through all in one place.

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