I think Cho'Gath has too much utility now

Especially compared to Juggernauts, Cho'Gath has an AOE knock-up with a slow attached, AOE silence, and now he's getting another AOE slow that he can use 3 times, attached to % damage to help him bust up tanks I'm ecstatic about Cho'Gath getting some much needed love but I'm worried he's going to hit the Rift way too strong. Especially with the damage boost his E is getting and his nature as a touch of death champion regardless of build, I don't think he needs so many slows in his kit to guarantee you a slow death if he can't 100-0 you outright. Consider reducing the slow on his Q to compensate, or reduce his E's utility outright. I like that he's not reliant on Rylai's (I think it's a toxic item and no well-designed champion should be forced to build it), so I would rather see the Q slow nerfed to compensate.
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