Kog'Maw PBE Feedback Thread

____________________ _Closing PBE Thoughts 11/3_ Hi everyone, Real short and sweet, I really appreciate all the feedback you've given on Kog'Maw during his time on PBE for the 5.22 preseason patch. He'll stay on there until the patch hits Live environments, but before that happens, I'm putting in some small nerfs to Kog'Maw to make it so that when he's spewing crazy damage all over the enemy team, it's not quite so crazy. I'm nerfing his Q passive by a bit at later ranks to reel that in, as well as slightly reducing the AD ratio on his ultimate. Additionally, I reduced his W damage slightly. The hope with these nerfs is that he still feels like he's doing intense late game damage, but without feeling quite so crazy in the high end. All in all, I'm pretty happy with where Kog'Maw is at, and I think that he's hitting the goals we set out for him as far as strengths/weaknesses go. I'm glad players seem to be excited about his changes, and I'm personally really excited to see how he performs on Live. Thanks so much for all the thoughts and feedback, and good luck melting anything in your way once this hits Live! Cheers, Repertoir ____________________ _End of weekend 11/1 thoughts_ Hi all, I wanted to pop into this thread and let everyone know I've been reading their feedback and watching Kog'Maw games on the PBE for a decent share of the weekend. It feels like the Kog changes are mostly going over well, with perhaps a few main questions/concerns that merit some responses. * What do these changes mean for AP Kog'Maw? * The changes made were done so in an effort to keep AP Kog'Maw approximately as powerful as he is on Live. If it turns out he ends up significantly stronger or weaker, we'll have to give consideration to that in a follow-up patch. * This Kog'Maw does ridiculous levels of damage. Wtf? * Yes he does. Kog'Maw is currently really pushing the upper bounds of how much damage a champion is allowed to do if they're not pressured, CC'ed, killed, etc. Though testing the limits always has its risks, if it turns out he does just waaaaay too much damage for the game to handle, we feel there are levers in place to address this. I'm hopeful that when played in a more balanced matchmaking environment (unlike PBE), players will learn that come mid and late game, he should be their number one priority target, and that they will lose if he goes unaddressed. * Why didn't we change Kog'Maw's passive? * Though I agree he current passive isn't perfect and doesn't really help him in his standard combat scenario, I didn't feel that it was so broken that it needed to be redone from the ground up. One of the things about these large batch changes is that we have to try to be really good about being selective about where we spend our change resources. Thanks to everyone for their testing and feedback. Given what I've seen on PBE, I feel pretty confident that Kog'Maw has the strength/weakness profile we're looking to emphasize on him, though it's certainly possible it's too exaggerated currently. If that's the case, we'll be quick to address it. Cheers, Repertoir ____________________ Hi all, With marksmen changes hitting PBE soon, I wanted to get a thread up to discuss changes to Kog'Maw that are coming in the big preseason patch. Kog'Maw's changes are pretty simple and straightforward, and they aim to further emphasize some of the main things we've always known and love about him. Namely, we want him to really shine in support-heavy team comps, and we want him to feel like a really juicy target for opponents. This won't be line-by-line changes like you'd see in the patch notes, but rather summaries of the bigger changes going on here. Changes: * **Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) has been changed to make Kog'Maw some kind of vomit-spewing machine gun while it is active.** * While W is active, Kog'Maw attacks twice as fast, and his Attack Speed cap is doubled to 5 attacks per second. * While W is active, basic attacks deal reduced physical damage, but apply on-hit effects at full effect. * During this time, Kog'Maw attacks so fast that attack-moving efficiently becomes incredibly difficult, so choose a time when you don't need to move much, and go to town. * **Living Artillery (R) has been repurposed to be less powerful in the average poke case, but very threatening as an execution tool.** * Living Artillery's base damage and ratios have been adjusted, and it no longer deals increased base damage to champions. * Living Artillery now deals double damage to enemies at 25%-50% current Health, and triple damage to enemies below 25% Health * **Various other changes/thoughts:** * Base Attack Speed stats and Q's passive Attack Speed have been adjusted so he is more dependent upon maxing both his Q and W to really approach his full damage potential. * For those wondering, AP Kog'Maw will play a bit differently than before, but we believe it to be of about equal power to before. Those are the main changes. If you get a chance to play Kog'Maw, please do let me know how it goes by replying to this thread. I'll be popping in pretty regularly while Kog is on PBE to monitor his progress and see how players are feeling about him. Cheers, Dcap
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