{{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} Hi, First of all I would like to say, I _love_ the direction for the new Taric in the upcoming S4 beta. Been playing him quite a lot on PBE and have had a blast (finally) being the tank paladin fantasy that he is supposed to represent. Now, for my **main beef** with the passive change: The fact that his passive **won't **proc whilst hitting towers is hurting him quite a lot at his most known role, which is to **face-tank a turret** and *not *giving a !@#%. :P I wouldn't mind if the passive wouldn't add to the damage the tower receives... _Might_ be OP, but many other passive effects do just that, so it's at your discretion, based god Riot. In short, I believe allowing the CDR to activate from using skills (most notably his Imbue) and hitting the tower is an integral part of what defines Taric. Thanks for your time. P.S A red reply (alongside some estimated ETA for his VU) would be much appreciated for this rabid Taric fan. :) {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}}
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