Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.

Yo! ^o^/ The Practice Tool is now enabled on PBE for testing. For more detail on our philosophy behind Practice Tool, you can read our recent devblog here: Keep in mind this is our initial version, and how long we leave it on PBE before going Live will depend on how many bugs we find and parts that still need polish. We're performing a balancing act here between wanting to get you guys the tool ASAP to start practicing for Season 7, but also wanting to make sure it's stable, easy-to-use, has the functionality you need, etc. We also know there's a MOUNTAIN of features that could potentially be added to the tool that some of you have already started suggesting (runes & masteries editing and summoner spells just to name a few). Realistically though, we've had to make some tough dev decisions about what to do first, and have chosen to get the core commands done first so you can at least reset the game, teleport, etc. Known issues: -- Tooltip behaviour is currently sub-optimal. We're working to clean up their positioning & timing. -- Some of the icons still need to be updated ---- The ground target indicator for Teleport and placing dummies is WIP. -- Target dummies: ---- Missing portrait icon on mini-map. Using white square. ---- Damage text visible through fog -- Still show the IP/XP warning during champ select. Need to remove. -- If you actually complete a game and it shows up in Match History, some things could overlap or be broken. We also expect that you might start finding lots of new bugs with champions in general. This is awesome! :D Let's keep this particular thread focused on Practice Tool though, so we can easily sift to bugfix and polish the tool. Try to keep in mind if what you've found is a champion specific bug, or something to actually do with the tool, and for those champion bugs, please report them in a separate Gameplay thread as per usual. Also remember, if you find a champion bug while Auto-Refresh Cooldown is turned on, please **turn it off** and try again to repro the same bug. We need to know this difference. Thanks again PBE players. You guys give us the confidence to release something slightly rougher than usual like this, so we work together and quickly get it up to scratch for release to all our Live players! <3 -- L4T3NCY
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