The Locket changes are definitely in a really good direction, gearing the active more towards tank supports with the lowered base shield and bonus health scaling, but it doesn't seem like the changes will be that effective in discouraging other supports from purchasing and using the item. With the changes on the PBE, the base shield is only 90 less than live at level 18. With 15% bonus health scaling, supports only need 600 bonus health to reach the same shield strength as the live value. That's just a {{item:2045}} and a {{item:3107}} or even just a {{item:1028}}. Most supports will be able to achieve a higher shield strength than on live without having to alter their build path at all. Redemption's changes seem very effective at lowering the heal for champions who don't build +heal/shield items, and will likely discourage it from being bought on non-Enchanter supports, but Locket probably needs its base shield lowered further. Most supports should get less shield strength on its active than they get on live, unless they are tanks who will be building some health, anyways. It should probably be around 150 less at level 18, requiring 1000 bonus health to achieve the same shield strength - not too difficult to achieve (it's just {{item:2045}} {{item:3401}} and 50 additional health), but only tanks will regularly reach that amount. But, I don't know, maybe the intention isn't to make it a tank-exclusive item, but to make it just more rewarding for tanks without really increasing its power on non-tanks.
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