So I like for the most part his rework. Few issues E feels short. Too often I miss because I cant see its range. I also dont like the leap back before leaping forward. Many champs have dashes that dont need this odd delay. I also feel like he should be able to dash over walls. Feels bad that he cant. His Ult should also be able to target Turrets giving it a Shield or Damage Reduction as well. This would feel really Gargolyie. I like His Q it feels really good. His W is nice but the slow is a bit harsh. If you are just our of range of E (happens a lot) and then hit W you cant get them taunted. On his Builds Its really odd. So he does not gain AP from MR anymore. His Passive damage and W are the only things that scale with MR If you go fill AP he does not hit much harder with Q or E then if you did two tank AP items and then Full Bruiser and his Autos feel SO BAD without AD. Going full tank also feels bad but not as bad as fill AP. His On-Hit build seemed ok. I like that he can Jungle some and If his E could go over walls that would really allow him to Jungle.
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