On Diana as a Fighter instead of a one-shot Assassin

Posting this to the PBE Boards because it's a change suggestion I'd wish to be able to test. So, Diana is a champion with a fighter kit, who plays like an assassin because she's able to reliably one-shot targets by pressing all her buttons as once. This seems like less of an intended assassin, and more of a problematic "full-AD-Vi" assassin. By that I mean it's where her kit gives her enough durability and disruption where if she gets ahead she's incredibly problematic, and if she gets behind she's dead in the water. It also leads to a flat and un-interactive assassination pattern where her target flat out dies with no ability to respond to Diana when she's ahead. What I want to propose is a light rework for Diana. Switching Moonfall with Lunar Rush and lowering her burst would give her better trading in lane, less chance to one-shot targets consistently, and stronger initiation with Moonfall. As an added benefit, Moonfall could be buffed to feel like an actual ultimate and be a big high moment for Diana players. These simple changes would make Diana play in such a way that would be much better for game health, and provide opponents with more opportunities to interact with Diana, instead of getting one-shot.
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