@Riot @phroxz0n Vlad needs to be revisited and here is why

First of All, let me thank you for attempting to making Vlad have more builds and trying to make him an overall healthier champion. I think that the thought process behind these changes is very clever, not props to that! Let's take a look at the changes and understand the context to these changes. Understanding the reason as to why this is currently being is key to understanding the impact in the context of the game and how it affects the health of match ups with this champion. {{champion:8}} 1. Q healing AP ratio 0.15 > 0.25 2. bonus healing against minions multiplier 0.50 > 0.35 Clearly the context behind these changes imply that Riot believes that Vlad's sustain needs to be reduced and they want to create an incentive to build AP. They want MORE viable builds for Vlad, and also reducing his early game sustain power, making him less oppressive. in the laning phase. The AP ratio change will not have much of an impact in the early game. This, in foundation halving the heal Vlad gets from empowered Q on minions. Currently, Vlad at 800 health would need roughly 5 Qs, (2 empowered) to come back to full health from half. 7 from 1/4 **deviation** depends on runes and masteries. With this change, you would be forcing Vlad to make more trades, because if you assume Vlad Qs minions instead of champions, then he would require 3 empowered Qs to recover from half health in the scenario described. and 4 empowered Qs at 1/4 health. This opens up lots of weaknesses in the early game for match ups to take advantage of him. Certain champions that couldn't trade with him early now are able to because of this change. Ruling: OK, despite the healing reduce against minions, I think that this change will force Vlad players to trade a lot more. He will however do significantly WORSE in unfavorable matchups because it is now more difficult to recover health when behind. This change almost ensures Vlad can be bullied out of lane unless his opponent is in range for empowered Q. We should see much less beginners playing Vlad. {{champion:8}} 1. E Missiles are FAT and deal more damage based on AP and less Based on HP 2. AP ration Up to 1.0 HP ratio down 0.08 > 0.05 The reason why they chose to do this is because trading potential with HP Vlad builds is efficient, and Riot believes they are TOO efficient. So by reducing the HP ratio and increasing the AP ratio they are basically saying they want AP Vlad builds to be just as effective as the HP builds. Making him be able to get away from the same items every single game. Now for the questionable part. Increasing the missile's Hitbox has been to me at least a very unfortunate step. One of the things that really good Vlad players do to trade in the early game is use the E around the minions in a calculated way that you can also hit the enemy champion. This allows Vlad to trade very well in the laning phase. So increasing the missile width is essentially restricting the play-making abilities for experienced Vlad players in the early game. I disagree with this change and I personally think that it needs to be looked at closely. Ruling: Needs more thought. Early game Vlad nerf, HP Vlad is less Viable. His damage output with AP Vlad has been increased significantly, but you will be sacrificing a lot of resistance items. Back to burst mage Vlad? Conclusion. I like the Q changes, I think that they will do a good job, but I think that the E changes need to be looked at again. Vlad is not as oppressive in the laning phase as he used to be, and these changes will make him very abusable in the early game. Please look at it carefully. Cheers! ~.~
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