2014 Season Start PBE Test

**Update 12-19 6PM PST: We've started the new season on PBE. This means your ranked wins and losses will be reset in solo duo ranked team. If you could hop into a few ranked games to kick off seeding for the next season and let us know of any issues you see we'd appreciate it!** Hey everybody, we’re going to be performing the test run for the 2014 season start in the near future on PBE. In order to ensure that everything is working properly we’re turning off all non-ranked queues for a few days so we have a healthy number of users playing ranked. If you could give us a hand by playing a few games to get seeded for the current season it will help us to ensure everything is working correctly once we perform the switch. It will only take 3 games to be seeded on PBE (as opposed to the normal 10). We expect that we will reopen all queues Monday 12-23. Thanks, Riot Socrates
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