Hunter's Machete Attackspeed Problem

A lot of junglers that used to take 14% attackspeed in quints now get that attackspeed replaced from the AS on the jungle item. This is fine when your jungling, but as soon as your not attacking monsters and your fighting champs/minions your auto speed is lower and for specific junglers that their AA animations are dramatically smoothed out by AS, like vi, graves, etc, not having the extra 14% AS feels really clunky. This is also a problem because (I believe?) you get AS from going the DPS focused tree, but lets say I wanted to go the TLD equivalent on VI or graves or nocturne etc, I would lose out on that attack speed simply from the rune bonus thing whatever you call it. It feels really bad to be forced to go Press the attack or the warlords equilv. just because I need that extra attack speed to skirmish early.
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