Iverns position in the game

There is no official feedback thread for Ivern and I wanted to share MY OWN OPINION, so I am asking this here. If you do or don't aggree, just let me know. What is Ivern actually meant to do? Like what's his purpose in the game. I'm not salty or anything, just curious. He has the kit and tools of a supportetive tanky jungler, but at the same time he has some really high AP-ratios. But then again, for a support his Cooldowns are way too high and he cannot make use of his passive. I think it's not really worth to play him full AP, since he will die instantly in teamfights and when build junglers off-tanky, you often end up in that awkward position where you neither deal damage nor function as a tank. If you could lower his AP-ratios, increase base damages and add something like a percentage health scaling on his shield, that would be great. I'm not saying he is bad or something, just a little... misguided.
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