[Omega Squad Login] Personal Gripes on Aesthetic Awkwardness

Succinctly, I don't like. The sense of scale is confusing (they are apparently colossi even though yordles especially are small). Additionally, Twitch, Tristana and Veigar are all clumped together super close while Fizz is kinda thrown into the bottom corner. It looks like they're completely disconnected, and gives the composition an awkward feeling. It's almost like the artist knew that the layout needed balance so just tacked him on to the bottom right. This sense of disconnectedness is further worsened when I noticed Twitch's tail passes over the water line, even though Fizz is apparently diving through it. To add on to a previous point, the bunched up Yordles seem awkwardly layered on top of each other, and it's kind of busy/confusing to look at.

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