Changing Runeglaive that way would be a mistake!

Hey folks, due to the fact that Runeglaive makes Ezreal unbelievably broken Rito decided to let Runeglaive only work against monsters and I think that this might be a big mistake. In my opinion a good jungle item is an item I want to keep in the late game like Cinderhulk and Sated Devourer. But after the Runeglaive nerf it would just be a weaker Lich Bane in the late game. So **here are 2 Solutions:** **1. Melee Only** Making Runeglaive melee only would keep its full power for real Runeglaive junglers like Evelynn or Nidalee in her cougar form and prevent abuse by midlaners like Ezreal. **2. Stackable** I remember the AP jungle item in Season 3 which gave 50 AP but gave +1 AP per monster camp up to 80 AP. When Runeglaive gives less AP it weakens Runeglaive Ezreals early and its way harder for him to get stacks than for a jungler. Im sure that there might be more solutions and Rito you should think about them before you destroy Runeglaive and I would like to hear your thoughts about it.
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