Jhin Changes Feedback.

I will explain it simple: Jhin{{champion:202}} have 2 possible ways to be directed right now with his nerfs: -AD POKE/SIEGE/ARTILLERY champ. or -ADC Classic. The current problem with Jhin{{champion:202}} is that he can go both ways on his current form, But then NERFING his POKE/RANGE type will destroy one of the few AD ARTILLERY champ, being the other VARUS{{champion:110}} , while we had TONS of ADCs.... So, Dont nerf neither W or R, that is a bad approach, Instead nerf his Passive Extra Stats, which are JHIN´s PROBLEM. IMO, reducing the AD obtained from Crit and Atk.Spd will solve the problem, But there are 2 things to prevent him being out of control. 1- Reduce his AA AD scalling from 1 to 0.9, as Kalista is now. This will reduce a bit his 1vs1 presence and will allow him to still be fun from scalling from his passive. or 2- Negate Jhin ability to CRIT. This means that he will grow from Crit. chance from his passive, he will gain AD to deal damage, but his AA wont Crit at all, EXCEPT from his 4th AA and the 4th R. Probably option 2 is the best Solution, since Jhin{{champion:202}} is more of champ against RGN, that was the idea for his Fixed scalling from Crit.Chance, so, if he already have more damage attached to him, allowing him to crit doesnt make sense. BTW, The Duskblade{{item:3147}} nerf on him...Instead of nerfing the Stats of duskblade for ADCs, so it will be Melee only, Just remove the "Zed´ult" Passive, which is not really important from An ADC, cause for a Poke AD, the Idea of picking Duskblade is just to replace the Crit+Mov.Spd item. So, again, nerfing one of these 2 mentioned options will still allow Jhin to keep Balance on picking Duskblade, while removing the Crit.chance on his AA will stop him to obtaining extra mov.spd too. reducing his opressive sensation.

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