[Suggestion] Tribunal update

This might be an unpopular opinion but I really think the tribunal needs some changes. Firstly, the chat log needs to be a little bit more interactive and show the end game chat log as well. Maybe add a search function cuz sometimes I'm just reading a line and I accidentally scroll away, also add a marker to messages sent by the same player in quick succession. Another thing that I think should be added is rewards for high 'Justice Ratings', The tribunal had a very small bonus for IP that is so minor I'm not even sure if it exists anymore. I'm not saying it should have like 1000 IP rewards, just some things like summoner icons, or maybe some special champion and ward skins? Edit 1: Just a reminder that the rewards I mentioned should be for high Justice Ratings which are determined by how many Tribunal cases your choice, whether 'Punish' or 'Pardon' was correct, also it should have like a minimum number of cases you judged in(which I think should be around 50 to 100), so if you only judged once you wouldn't get all the rewards just because you have a 100% Justice Rating.
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