I'm worried about T. hydra's nerf

The item needs to be tuned for sure, but cutting 15 AD from it is a really big nerf. 15 AD is equal to 525 gold, which means almost 2 kills. The OP champions that are building {{item:3748}} are already getting some nerfs ({{champion:102}} has a weaker early game and {{champion:11}} doesn't scale with base AD anymore, reducing his affinity with {{item:3053}} and on-hit builds). On the other hand, there are champions like {{champion:421}} that have already received many nerfs to their damage in the past and heavily rely on T. hydra to be relevant during skirmishes and fights throughout the game. If you still want to cut 15 AD from T. hydra, why don't you compensate those champions by buffing the HP scaling passive of the item? This would keep both Yi and {{champion:114}} at bay, while making Shyvana scale later into the game and keeping Rek'Sai in her current balance state.

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