Keeping Poppy's Current Identity Through Rework

I posted this on the normal forums, but I'll post this on PBE now. Current opinions on the rework and how I see it as a Poppy main, along with what I think could help fix it. I swear 90% the people who read this on the normal boards didn't read what I wrote and assumed it had to do with keeping her ultimate ;*(. People are salty. *Let this be a note that this is a discussion on the preservation of Poppy's kit/identity rather than how she is as a new champion. Please don't talk to me about how you love her new kit and nothing needs to be changed because you like it. At the moment, the Poppy rework is live on PBE and as a fairly longtime Poppy main I have played with/tested the changes and her new identity. I feel like the changes don't even come close to keeping her original identity in game, and with a recently made comment by a red (the fifth one in the thread), it seems that the current Poppy will be shipped to live in the next patch without kit changes until later if necessary. Now first off, I think that is a horribly small amount of time to give PBE to test these changes, and considering the excruciatingly small amount of feedback actually used or considered, I feel like this entire rework is being rushed and shoved down the throat of players who are unhappy with it such as myself. I want to give some opinions on how she feels with rework and how it can be adjusted to feel similar to how she is on live. Before I go into the kit changes, let me say that I've tried building her ad, and it had minimal increase in damage dealt. Kit/Damage Changes: Passive: She throws her buckler every few seconds instead of normal aa, and it randomly drops somewhere, pick it up for a shield You have a giant hammer, why are you throwing your buckler, and throwing/picking up the buckler GIVES you a shield Giant hammer > buckler, yet buckler does more dmg Makes no sense She has a passive about her buckler, not much about her hammer Q: Now an aoe and no longer an auto attack enhancement/reset, also has delayed damage, physical damage instead of magic Opinions: -Small aoe allows some waveclear, but using it for waveclear doesn't feel that strong -No longer being an auto attack reset/enhancement makes Poppy lose a bit of damage on combo -Delayed damage will be avoided most of the time, actually lowers her damage output by a lot -Delayed damage puts dependence on her e stun that she had more than enough of before -Some people are upset that she no longer has mixed damage, and can deal huge amount of magic damage while building ad -It has horrible scaling W: Now stops dashes within a rage around poppy while active, duration of active is much lower and cooldown much higher, in combat ad/armor replaced by passive armor/mr based on her armor/mr which increases when below 40% -Allowing Poppy to stop dashes with this rather than increasing her mobility puts more focus into this ability being used to stop enemies from diving your team rather than to help chase enemies -Increased cooldown and duration makes the ability feel really bad when used to chase rather than to stop dashes -Enjoy fact that Poppy is still extra tanky when she falls low -Lots of power lost from loss offlat ad/armor -Passive only gets strong when you build Poppy with lots of resistances -Passive is not useful to Poppy's that don't build many resistances E: Physical Damage, ad scaling added. -Mostly fine, loss of magic damage is somewhat sad -I wish it had higher scaling, because her q already does no damage, having her e do some damage might help a bit R: New ability entirely, channel to charge up hammer, tapping it knocks up, charging knocks enemies away toward base, gains range as it channels, can't deal damage to enemies while they're being knocked up/away. I'm going to stop using points because I really hate this ability. Instead of allowing Poppy to run in and do her thing, this ability pretty much is only useful for either peeling and adc, or removing champions from a fight. The former throws her into a single role, and the ladder makes you feel pretty horrible, and depending on the enemy team, it can end up being useless. It has pitiful damage, and tapping it (which will knock up instead of away) is very weak, and being unable to damage champs while knocked up makes the ability feel even more useless. With the addition of a slow to her q, lowering her scalings by a lot, only rewarding for building defensive while playing her, removing her synergy a lot with trinity force, as well as her new ultimate, she's really being pidgeonholed into playing as a tank peeler, who doesn't really do much other than stay in the back and stop people from killing the adc. She now has more tools to do that, but at the same time has a lot less tools to dive into the enemy team, which is Poppy's current identity. If Poppy isn't able to dive the enemy backline, or at least the fron line, I don't feel like it's really Poppy. She's just some tank that bears her name. Possible fixes to allow her original playstyle/other fixes: - Change her passive, make it involve her hammer possibly. I don't understand why you would throw your buckler when you have a giant hammer. Heavily increase scaling on q, possibly make %dmg scale Let Poppy use q while moving, or at least shorten the animation Make q aa reset, adds some wombo to trinity again Remove two hit mechanic, it only really adds to her when she wall slams, and she has enough reliance on that Could make it an aa enhancement and add a 1.0 ad ratio -perhaps make it magic dmg and give it an ap ratio Lower cooldown and increase duration of w, perhaps make the dash stopping thing for a lower duration than ms by a large margin, or remove it altogether Make her w passively grant flat armor/mr, or at least grant it when below 40% instead of upping the scaling Increase scalings on e Perhaps make it magic damage and give it an ap ratio Either change her ult or make the cc usable in different scenarios Make it a regular knockup possibly, or maybe even a stun (I was thinking of making it possibly add terrain as well) Ad scaling increase on everything, actually let her scale into lategame like her previous self Let her be a lategame champion, if riot thinks that isn't part of her identity, they haven't talked to a single poppy player Don't give her such an amazing early game, she had a fairly decent one before that could be abused, now she gets a shield for csing every few seconds These are just my personal opinions on the rework, what I think are ways of making it reflect her current identity better (it just doesn't at the moment). I just want riot to acknowledge that the rework does not feel like Poppy even though they seem to be saying that they don't want this to be Poppy. They seem to act as if the only reason she was part assassin was her old ultimate, but it was her damage and her ms boosts that allowed that. I don't want her being turned into a subpar tanky peeler, which is the complete opposite of what she currently is. They also destroyed her hyper scaling and what they have now just defies Poppy and I haven't even mentioned her lore. I hope they can fix this, but based on what feedback they actually consider (what seems to be limited to bugfixes and changing how her passive lands) it seems like this will easily make it onto live when I feel this is very incomplete and that riot has been taking close to no feedback on her kit. I just hope I don't have to get a new main after this goes onto live (I'm already searching)
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