PBE Doom Bots crashing my computer (featuring questions about leaverbuster on PBE)

I logged onto the PBE to test out the Doom Bots mode earlier today, it was my first time logging onto the PBE in quite a while. I did so right after the 2-hour maintenance (at about 4:30 pm EST or so). I got into a game, selected champ, runes, masteries, etc. Then, as the game was loading, my computer froze up on the loading screen. I could not alt-tab to another window, I could not ctrl-alt-del to bring up any menus, could not move my mouse, all the things you would expect from a frozen computer. So I hard reset, launched PBE again, and it started updating again. I thought, well this makes sense. I did update my PBE while the maintenance was ongoing, and then launched it without updating after the maintenance, so it seemed logical that most likely, that was what had caused my computer to freeze up. Now, this is a separate complaint altogether, but I started to queue up for another game and was informed that "My account had patterns of leaving or afking games and was now in a low-priority queue". What? As I said before, I hadn't logged into the PBE for months, this being my first game in those said months, and when I did I almost never quit or afk'd games. Certainly not enough to warrant a low-priority queue, surely? Or has leaverbuster been updated without my being aware to punish people after only one disconnect? If so, that seems unfair to people whose games crash or whose internet connection is unstable. ESPECIALLY considering how often the PBE crashes for everyone. Anyways, back on topic. I queued into another game, picked champ, masteries and runes, chatted with team a bit, then loaded into game. This time, the loading screen finished up and I got onto the Rift. The very first thing I noticed was that the audio was very scratchy, with (quiet) static-like pops. Almost like a record player. I messaged my team to ask if it was just me, and indeed it was only me. I shrugged, and got on with the game, only to have my computer freeze in exactly the same way as the first time as soon as the opposing Doom Bots (I believe they were Lux and another character I forget) arrived in lane. I had exactly enough time to use one ability on them as Brand, and then I couldn't move my mouse, alt-tab out, ctrl-alt-del did nothing, et cetera. I am not sure if this is a problem for anybody else (it doesn't seem to have been posted yet, as far as I saw). And I understand that problems that are not common or reproducible are not a priority for Riot to fix. That is to say, I understand that a Riot employee is probably not going to reply to this with any sort of solution besides telling me "It's your computer's fault". Which I don't think it is, because I can play League of Legends on my computer just fine, and I have never had it freeze my computer like this before. Even the PBE has worked fine for me, and I've almost never crashed out of it. This leads me to believe that it's something about the Doom Bots game mode, but I don't know what, and because I don't know what, I probably won't get help. It's a shame because I would love to play this mode and I hope dearly that I don't have the same problem when they release it on the main servers. If anybody else has had this problem or knows a solution to it, I would be immensely grateful for your assistance. And to any Riot Employees, if you help me fix this problem that is obviously not a priority for you to fix, I will be even more grateful as I know you probably have better things to be doing with your time. Thank you all!
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