Bugs with Tear-Archangel´s-Seraph´s.

So, i just recently got into a normal game, on the new SR, of course, and I was playing {{champion:13}}. I know, i´m a tryhard. And since i was playing ryze i was going to do my usual build path, which is {{item:3070}} , Rush {{item:3027}}, complete {{item:3003}} and then Tank, but when I bought a Tear, The whole team crashed. When i got back in the game, I noticed that the {{item:3070}} didn´t stack, it displayed as "Tear will stack 0 mana 0 times every 0 seconds", but i kept it, because I wanted to see what happened when i bought {{item:3003}}. And thank God I did. Basically, when i bought it, it fully stacked **Instantly**, that´s right, I basically bought a {{item:3040}}. So, my conclusion?, Tear is broken AF. Rito pls fix.

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