Disconnect/Reconnect Glitch

After Champion Select, instead of the loading screen, the game was all black and I got an error so I alt+tab and handled it. When I reconnected, the game timer started normally at 00:00, however no champions were visible, I had no gold, and minions didn't appear or grant vision even after they were spawned. Yet somehow the bots were still playing because one of them killed my teammate and they didn't provide vision either. Nothing appeared either on screen or on the minimap. I couldn't move or cast any abilities (I leveled my E to make sure). I also couldn't even open the shop (even though I had no gold). All I was able to do was level up an ability, unlock/move my camera and left-click things like turret/obelisk (A-move red arrows showed by I never moved). When I right-click, the green arrows came up but I was still frozen. In the first pic I used A-move so you can see what I am. I was playing Soraka on the new SR. Couldn't repro this bug.
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