Jhins Ult Bugged

Since for some reason the report bug just keeps giving me We encountered an error while trying to process your bug report. Please try again in a moment i'll just post it here. **Where did you run into the bug? ** In-Game **Thanks. Can you let us know what type of bug you saw? ** Champ Not Working Correctly **Did this bug result in a crash?** Sort Of ** How many times did you see the bug happen?** Constant **Can you let us know which champ wasn't working?** Jhin **Which ability or abilities were related to the bug?** Jhins Ult Curtain Call ** Summarize the bug for us ** ​After using Jhins ult and shooting the last shot you will be in a infinite loop of disconnect and reconnect at a rapid pace to the point it spams chat with reconnect disconnect and the announcer can only say summoner has been disconnected

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