Tips for Arabic language in pbe for riot

I like how you are trying to support Arabic there, hi i am Omar, i will tell you somethings that you can do to make Arabic looks better than most games .... there is something that they always do in the Arabic language is they mirror the menu and everything, ""**please please don't mirror anything**"" . translate most of the words but not all of them, i mean item names and champ names don't change it, because we used to old names"English one" and about champion's names there is "**neeko**{{champion:518}} " which means in Arabic " Fuck him" so if u just type it as "neeko نيكو" that means litterly "fuck him" and some words I've noticed it's not well translated, like wards, and icons, . **i really love the fonts you are choosing and i wish i can use it in English language too,** . inside the game it is so buggy, needs a lot of works,,, anyways i know it is still in beta and you are working on it, but please, dont cancel the project because i've seen that you removed Arabic from pbe, i hope you brought it back after you fix these issues, we are waiting for it, best of luck and thanks so much <3 Peace..
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