Chromas are missing that you already bought? Skins that you own don't work selecting them in lobby?

So I understand that with all of the new content coming out, I'm just wondering why suddenly chromas for skins that are brand new(the new Dawnbringer skins along with the new Nightbringer skins that have chromas) that I've already purchased and previous chromas on my PBE account have suddenly vanished? I used to own over minimum 70 chromas on my PBE account, and now my client is telling me I own seven. The same thing happened with my summoner icons for my PBE account forever ago and I've long since given up on getting those back. I also don't own any of my skins I've purchased when in lobby for games, I just played a Poro King as Lucian where I know I own High Noon(it's even in my skin tab in my collections that I own it) but I couldn't play it in game. I'm just wanting a general check up on it I guess.
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